Mr. Ahmed Elkoussy is a professional Management Consultant specialized in Organization Development (OD) helped many Organizations through his experience to grow and apply international Quality Standards. He is specialized in establishing Organization Strategies, Key Business Processes, and Performance Measuring Systems using Balanced Scorecard as well as Human Resources practices to lead Organization achieving high level of Excellence Performance.

Ahmed started his career in 1983 when he joined IBM Egypt as Technical IT Engineer promoted to different levels until reached IBM Country Specialist. In 1993, he shifted to Total Quality Management when has been nominated to join IBM Quality Task Force who achieved ISO 9000 certification, established all Key Business Processes and applied Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award Criteria.

In 2000, Mr. Elkoussy participated in one of the leading merger business team in Egypt when established Raya Holding reached CEO level at 2006. In 2007, Elkoussy founded MADA Consulting and Outsourcing Services Company, with its mission to deliver Organization Development Services focusing on PROCESSES and PEOPLE including Talent Management. Over the last 15 years, Mr. Elkoussy conducted several events, training sessions, seminars and workshops in the field of Management, Quality, Customer Satisfaction Management and other managerial topics. Being in the Egyptian Market over then 30 years, Mr. Elkoussy developed a large network of relationship as well as very high level of credibility in the field of Management.

Mr. Ahmed Elkoussy
(M)+20 (0122) 2124615

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