Evolution or Revolution?

They say that Information Technology students that graduate from a 4-year University program are already 2 years out-of-date with current technology. The pace of change that is impacting all of us is both stressful and daunting. Should we facebook or twitter? Does my mobile device have LinkedIn capabilities or should I do it on my iPad? Am I in touch with my clients or am I already falling behind in what they need/expect of my company?

Staying on top of information; transformation and expectations can bring us to an early grave… so what to do?

The heart of our profession in human interaction. For all the positive impact technology can have on our communication and fulfillment management, we are still a ‘people’ business. When technology is overwhelming me – I set up appointments with key clients and partners team management app. There is nothing like a coffee together exchanging information and priorities to settle me back down to what is really important. Exceeding my customer’s expectations.

Quota® has advocated Partnership Selling as the current way to manage our client interactions. Incorporated into Partnership Selling is the importance of building relationships; taking a consultative approach to understanding our client’s business objectives and bringing our client’s insights into latest trends and best practices that can help their businesses. Partnership Selling also advocates that we need to identify and prioritize our Top 20 accounts and ensure our focus is on ‘connecting’ with them and bringing them value. In every case, we can’t rely on our mobile devices, desktop computers; tablets; iPads or laptops to do all of our communicating.

Human interaction requires human interactivity! As the technology revolution continues, let’s keep our eyes on the critical importance of our evolving relationships with our clients… and never let them feel that our computers are doing our communication for us!

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