Like most organizations we often review our Business Development efforts and think about ways to add new customers.  In a recent strategy session we reflected on how long its been since we reached out to our existing clients to get their feedback on what we are doing right….what we are doing wrong…and what we could do better!

So..we engaged a terrific organization to conduct the 3rd-party interviews and have heard back from over 2 dozen of our existing clients to date.  

All I can say is…’WOW’.  What an eye-opener!  The feedback has been extremely insightful and complimentary.  It has given us extra wind in our sails…and a humility to realize that we can do even better.  Once all the surveys are completed we will consolidate the data (all feedback has been confidential)…and initiate a number of new processes…to address the feedback.  Each respondent will receive the report and has received a 50% discount off a single public seminar participant.  It was a small token of appreciation to let our clients know how much we valued their sharing the time with us.

On greater reflection it was also a solid kick in my shin that this practice needs to be ongoing.  We went way to long to hear from our clients and definitely increased our understanding of what they wanted from a firm like ours.  One of the tenants we preach in our Sales Management Workshop is ‘Re-recruit your best players’.  We have now modified this to: ‘Re-recruit your customers’.  We need to institute a better way to ‘feel their pulse’ and understand how their market…and our services…need to continually revise and improve.

Should any of you be interested in doing the same with your top clients…please reach out to me at iaito1@me.com and I will be happy to connect you directly with their group.

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