How Do You Measure Value?

One of the questions I ask prospective sales representatives is “Describe the best sales manager you ever worked for. I don’t need their name, just what their characteristics were that resonated with you…”. In other words, what did you value about your relationship with this manager?

As professional salespeople, we also need to ask ourselves, what is it that our clients value about us? Is it the company we represent? The way we conduct our business? The added-value information we bring to our interactions? Or perhaps all of the above?

I would like to venture that there is one other characteristic in our most valued relationships that trumps them all… that is when we care! Truly caring about our client and their company’s well-being is a sentiment that can’t be faked. How we go the extra mile, ensure all our dealings are aboveboard and fair and try to understand our client’s business environment let our customer know we really care.

In this holiday season, we each get some downtime to see our loved ones and get together with friends and family. The care we have for each other is manifested in this very special time of year.
Let’s remember that the care we also have for our clients is just as genuine and heartfelt. Together, we all benefit and grow and prosper.

My very best wishes to each of you this holiday season and thank you for your support over this past year. Our company has had significant growth thanks to your support of who we are and what we believe in.

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