Julie Allen_BeneluxJULIE ALLEN (Master Distributor, Benelux)

Ms. Julie Allen MIESNA, MBA, BSc has a distinguished career that has taken her around the globe. After completing her Electrical Engineering studies, she worked in the UK and Canada for various lighting manufacturers. She then spent 4 years in Asia Pacific where she was responsible for the total Consumer Lighting business, including suppliers in 8 countries, and also served as the Regional Marketing Executive for Philips Lighting Luminaires. After moving to Eindhoven she fulfilled various senior management roles in sales and strategic marketing.

Her responsibilities have included the development and management of improved customer experience, global key accounts, sales & marketing competency development, engineering, innovation, training, coaching and working with clients to develop tailor-made integrated solutions. She was a member of the Canadian Standards Association committee that worked on the UL & CSA harmonization of lighting safety standards. Julie is a recipient of an EMILAS (energy) Award from the UK and an Award of Merit from the IALD (lighting design), her portfolio contains a wide range of experiences ranging from Custom Luminaire Design to global Key Account Management.

Ms. Julie Allen
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