Péter Vitézy

Péter Vitézy (Hungary)

Péter has an extensive corporate background with over 17 years in Pharmaceuticals (Business Unit Manager at Teva back); Transportation (DHL); and Telecom (Hungarian Telekom). His hobby was playing competitive Poker and Péter recognized the unique decision-making process involved in becoming a rated player. Combining his passions, Péter and Marcell embarked on creating ‘DecisionLab’ and studying how to become expert trainers. Since forming their company, they have created products in: negotiations; attraction sales and leadership.
Mr. Vitézy has created an enviable reputation for himself as one of Hungary’s most charismatic trainers and is in demand to provide skills workshops to multiple industries. Recently certified as a Quota® trainer, Péter and his team are focused on international expansion of both the ActionLab and Quota® brands.

Mr. Péter Vitézy


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