A key challenge facing sales people today is to be seen as a partner vs. commodity vendor. In order to achieve this relationship, professional sales people access senior level decision makers and sell their products/services as strategic tools. Building on the core foundational skills of Quota®, QIS™ (Quota® Issue Selling) is an advanced 1/2 day strategic selling program that takes your Quota® graduates to new levels of sales performance!

QIS™ teaches:

  • How to analyze your client’s business issues
  • Understanding the Strategic Planning Process
  • Recognizing how your product/service addresses organizational needs/levels
  • Using the unique QIS™ Call Sheet to record/track your client’s strategic and operational goals


QIS® follows the same fun and team-building process used in other Quota® programs to ensure your team seamlessly integrates their core sales skills and training into an advanced level of sales performance!