Quota® B2C™

Quota® B2C – The Sales Performance Game is a fun, interactive and competitive experience that teaches players about business-to-consumer (B2C) sales cycles.
Each player develops critical sales skills and knowledge while  playing the game… and having fun! Salespeople that have played Quota® have realized:
• Increased acquisition of new prospects/clients
• Improved retention and cross-selling to client base
• Higher closing ratios and competitive wins
• Shortened sales cycles and increased productivity

Quota® teams of Players compete against each other learning key events of the B2C sales process under the guidance of a Quota® Coach. Each participant receives a Quota® Portfolio, Player Workbook, Quota Pen and Quota Certificate upon completion of the game. Played in a 4-5 hour format, Quota B2CTM is an excellent method to provide sales people with critical selling skills and knowledge in a dynamic new learning experience.