Quota®COACH™- The Sales Management Workshop

Quota® COACH™ is a unique and proprietary workshop that provides essential skills and knowledge to sales managers, sales executives and those that aspire to become sales managers.

The content of Quota® COACH™ is the same content taught at the University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies – Professional Sales Management course. By learning the content of Quota® COACH™ you will join a notable group of previous students & sales managers that have increased their understanding and competence at critical sales management practices.

The Quota® COACH™ workshop is one of the Quota® System family of products that will introduce, or reacquaint, you with the following Sales Management Competencies:

  • Evolution of Sales Relationships
  • Sales Management Roles & Responsibilities
  • Recruiting Elite Salespeople
  • Writing Compelling Offer Letters
  • Develop Sales Compensation Plan
  • New Colleague Orientation Program
  • Comprehensive Sales Training Programs
  • Field Coaching Competencies
  • Creating Dynamic Reward & Recognition Programs
  • Conducting Memorable Sales Meetings
  • Sales Performance Tracking
  • Territory Marketing Plans (TMP)
  • Focused Coaching Programs
  • Managing Sales Performance Challenges


These competencies are taught in modular format (2 hours per module) in a one-day workhop (4 modules chosen by client) to: These competencies are taught in modular format (2 hours per module) in a one, two or three-day workshops.

By following the Quota® COACH™ program, sales managers will have studied and practiced all the skills required for an exceptional career in Sales Management.