Quota® DecisionLab™

You work with scarce resources,incomplete information,in a competing environment,under time pressure and unknown outcome.Do you want a proven decision-making process as an ally? You’re a sales professional,manager or executive, making decisions,often crucial ones every day.Want to make the best decisions? You constantly evaluate your clients, your suppliers and your own company’s capabilities in the context of competition,investment and return.Rationally,emotionally,intuitively… and from which perspective?

Well you’ll love this.The Canadian launch of Quota® Decision-Lab, a unique decision-making-skills program designed by ActionLab in Europe and tested with thousands of sales professionals,managers and executives in dozens of countries.Using Texas Hold’em Poker as the learning tool,Quota® Decision-Making for Sales Professionals is a fun,interactive,engaging and exceptional learning experience that maximizes participation and retention of critical
decision-making capabilities.

Please consider this fun and dynamic learning experience for yourself or someone on your.