Most sales managers will tell you about different sales training courses they have taken over the years. In most cases they will tell you that they learned some new skills…but have forgotten much of what was taught. This is why the QSRP™ (Quota® System Reinforcement Program) was designed! Within a year of the Quota experience, QSRP™ is the perfect follow up and compliment to ensure that your sales team maximizes their retention of the competencies and skills learned during the core Quota® programs.

Delivered in a half day format, the QSRP® provides development in:

  • A review of the complete 40 sales competencies taught in the Quota® program
  • Instruction in QIS™ (Quota Issue Selling) the advanced strategic selling module built on the Quota® foundation
  • A Quota® game to recap and reinforce the sales competencies learned!


In addition to the half day program, the Quota® facilitator hosts a ‘Grand Championship’ at the end of the session using the Quota® Q’ube™ to determine who is the ultimate Quota® champion at your company. The QSRP® combines fun, team-building, competition and reinforcement to ensure your investment in creating an elite team of sales performers hits the mark!