To Speak or Not to Speak

There are very few sales or sales management positions where public speaking isn’t a necessary skill set. Sometimes it is as simple as leading a sales meeting or conducting a business review for key clients.

Over the course of our careers we have each seen dynamic speakers that grab our attention and motivate us to try new directions. I know I have often marveled at these rare speakers and wondered where they had developed this powerful skill.

In our Quota® program we teach a presentation preparation process (Introduction – Background – Objective – Agenda – Timing) and the importance of limiting the presentation to the key needs of the audience. We also teach the importance of presenting our solution’s features & benefits to ensure the audience is tuned into how the solution will benefit them.

However, there is another element to ‘stand up’ presentations that goes a long way to making the presentation enjoyable…and that is ‘humanity’. Audiences can be quite forgiving of presenters that are nervous or don’t speak comfortably. What they don’t forgive is arrogance, condensation or insensitivity. One key to winning your audience over is to speak from the heart!

Nothing shows your heart better than true humility and respect for others. Highlighting others success stories, recognizing colleagues and sharing real-life experiences lets your audience know your true sentiments and decency. Being able to smile, laugh and enjoy the opportunity to speak are also ‘micro’ elements of putting your audience at ease.

Finally, preparation is critical. When you present by ‘winging it’ you aren’t showing respect for your audience’s time and presence. Any presentation worth attending requires that you have spent the
preparation time necessary to address your audience’s needs. Question and answer periods (Q & A) should be included in any presentation and you should be prepared to field burning questions as they arise as well.

By mixing in: Process; Preparation; Humanity and Q & A, you should be in a position to wow your audience and have them motivated to them to follow your lead.

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