Where’s the Fun?

A funny thing happened along the way of life… I missed the fun factor! Working has never seemed like a chore because I have always enjoyed what I did. I suppose I was one of the lucky ones as my passion and my profession occupied the same place. However, on reflection, I realized something was missing… the fun factor.

When was the last time you had a belly laugh? Or laughed so hard you cried? Wasn’t it marvellous?… Enjoying our work is a great luxury. Loving our work is a blessing.

Which brings us the fun factor. Why not have it all? Why not enjoy our work, love our work and have the fun factor built in? The foundation of the Quota® System™ is gamification. Gamification simply means using a learning methodology that employs engagement, fun and interaction.

After 9 years in business and thousands of sales professionals trained we have learned a thing or two about fun! We all seem to be natural game players as everyone exposed to the unique Quota® methodology has had fun. Brand new sales people through to 40-year sales veterans get equally involved in playing, competing and learning. There seems to be a gene built into each of our DNAs that responds to fun and games!

If you haven’t yet found the ‘fun’ in what you do… consider this: If someone replaced you today – what would they do differently and how would they make it fun for themselves and everyone they interact with? When you take a few moments, I am sure you will also find the ‘fun’ factor in your work and think of creative ways to make the work & interactions something to look forward to!

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